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The Targus® Sustainable Energy Harvesting EcoSmart® Keyboard combines Bluetooth® and advanced solar technologies with post-consumer recycled materials in an eco-friendly, full-size keyboard. Manufactured from 85% recycled material and infused with antimicrobial protection*, this keyboard helps to prevent the growth of pesky microbes like bacteria and viruses, while helping to protect the environment — even its packaging is recycled. It’s primarily powered by solar cells optimized to harvest light from a variety of light conditions (including indoor lighting) and connects to up to 3 devices using Bluetooth® SoC, which means its extremely low-power capabilities makes it 3 to 4 times more power-efficient than other Bluetooth keyboards. And, this keyboard features Targus DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection. Unlike topically applied sprays, this DefenseGuard keyboard is infused with antimicrobial additives that don’t wear or wash off, and works continuously for the life of the product.

This eco-conscious keyboard was designed to embody sustainability in the workspace and beyond, and deliver a comfortable typing experience. It’s lightweight, ergonomic, uses ultra-low power consumption, has multi-device connectivity, and plug-and-play compatibility. Overall, a superior addition to your workspace.

  *Antimicrobial protection is limited to the device itself. This keyboard has been infused with an antimicrobial additive. Active ingredient: Silver Phosphate Glass (nano-). EPA Est/ 99234-CA-1

Energy Harvesting Solar Capabilities

Energy Harvesting Solar Capabilities

Primarily powered by solar cells (amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells) optimized to harvest light from indoor lighting, this keyboard also connects using Atmosic™ ATM3 series Bluetooth® SoC, which means it’s extremely low-power capabilities makes it 3 to 4  times more power efficient than any other Bluetooth solution on the market.

Made from Sustainable Material

This keyboard was designed from the ground up to embody sustainability. Its main materials are up to 70 percent Global Consumer Recycle (GRS)-certified post-consumer recycled plastic.

Made from Sustainable Material
Power Efficiency

Power Efficiency

The keyboard comes equipped with an ultra-low-power Bluetooth chipset, which is three-to-four-times more power efficient than competitive chipsets in today’s keyboards.

DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection

Infused with antimicrobial additives, you can rest assured your keyboard is fully protected. Unlike topically applied sprays, DefenseGuard™ offers protection to help prevent the growth of microorganisms that does not wear or wash off and lasts for the life of the product.

DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection
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