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Making Your Workspaces Smarter.

Introducing MiraLogic™ by Targus – a revolutionary, IoT Connected Workspace Intelligence System

The First of Its Kind. A Whole New Way to Optimize and Control Workspaces.

Revolutionizing workspace technology, the MiraLogic™ Workspace Intelligence System (WIS) blends enterprise-grade hardware with proprietary, cloud-based software. It delivers workspace insights at your fingertips—all to help optimize employee productivity and workspace efficiency. No matter how fast your work ecosystem evolves, you will always be in control of the symphony of work.

Oversee Workspace Utilization and Provisioning

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Remote Control and Diagnostics of the Workspace

Real-Time, Automated Asset Management

Measure and Track Energy Consumption at the Desk

Real-Time Insights. Real-World Management.

No more struggling to understand how individual workstations are performing. MiraLogic WIS monitors and captures real-time and historical data of what’s happening at the desk level—providing you actionable insights into occupancy, performance, and efficiency.

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Faster Fixes With Remote Control & Diagnostics.

Real-time data quickly alerts IT about equipment issues—before there’s a problem—saving time, money, and lost productivity. IT administrators can now remotely manage the workspace with the ability to perform power cycle resets and firmware updates to the Universal Smart Dock.

Makes Asset Management a Breeze.

MiraLogic WIS automatically discovers and inventories peripherals connected to the Universal Smart Dock.

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The Power to Manage Power.

Are there devices in your workspaces unnecessarily powered through the night? Across your enterprise? How much is that costing you? MiraLogic WIS answers these questions so you can optimize energy consumption at each desk and improve the bottom line.

Visibility Meets Control.

Through its interconnected hardware/software solution, MiraLogic WIS brings control and harmony to your rapidly evolving modern workplace.

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MiraLogic™ Universal Smart Dock

A high-performance, universal USB-C dual display 4K docking station with 100W power delivery.

  • Supports dual 4K monitor video via DisplayPort™ and HDMI ports
  • Delivers integrated power and charging for most USB-C laptops up to 100W
  • Power tips are included to charge legacy USB-A devices, in addition to USB-C devices
  • Uses secure Bluetooth mesh communication to deliver key data to the MiraLogic Software Platform

MiraLogic™ Smart Power Strip

A power strip with 4 smart outlets and 2 USB 3.0 fast-charging ports.

  • Captures power consumption data on each individual device plugged into the outlets
  • Delivers power consumption analytics to the MiraLogic Software Platform via the Universal Smart Dock
  • Each outlet can be remotely managed (eg. turned off/on) via the MiraLogic Software Platform
  • Attach up to three Smart Power Strips to a single Smart Dock
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Desktop Power Strip

An easily accessible power strip with surge protection that includes 2 outlets, and 2 USB-A fast-charging ports.

  • Nestable with the Smart USB-C Dock

MiraLogic™ Smart Sensor

An under-desk-mounted infrared sensor box to measure real-time workspace occupancy, ambient temperature, and humidity of workstations.

  • Communicates via secure Bluetooth mesh
  • Secured using AES-CCM with 128-bit key encryption
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MiraLogic™ Retrofit Adapter

Already using a Targus Universal Docking Station? The Targus MiraLogic Retrofit Adapter enables you to harness the power of the MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System. Coupled with the MiraLogic Smart Sensor and MiraLogic Smart Power Strip, you’ll have the ability to optimize workspace utilization, remotely perform power cycle resets, and measure and track energy consumption at the desk.

MiraLogic: Your Window Into Every Workspace.

Through a detailed graphical user interface, Management Teams from IT, Facilities, and Real-Estate can now visualize complex data using dashboard heat maps and charts showing real-time and historical snapshots of workspace conditions. The web- and app-based interface (iOS and Android), allows you to easily configure and manage workspaces by drilling down into the details with device-level granularity.

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Real-Time and Historical Data Reporting

No matter how fast your work ecosystem evolves, you will always be in control. Reports, dashboards, and the system Command Center provide you access to real-time data, so you know what exactly is occurring in the workplace throughout the day.

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Notifications and Alerts

With MiraLogic WIS, you're never out-of-touch with workstation health and performance. Dashboard alerts and notifications mean you'll never miss an opportunity to boost productivity and performance.

  • Workspace health
  • Workspace hardware configuration
  • Power consumption
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Remote Diagnostics

Keep your workstations functioning at its best. The Remote Update Control Center allows IT administrators to push updates to the Universal Smart Dock in real-time or at a scheduled time. No more IT support tickets for a simple dock reset. Manage these tasks and more all with the ease of cloud-connectivity.

Secure Wireless Connectivity You Can Count On.

Targus MiraLogic WIS uses Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth mesh networks to deliver secure communications.

  • It uses peer-to-peer communications and multipath message relay to ensure uninterrupted message delivery.
  • It allows thousands of devices to communicate with each other while meeting enterprise, commercial and industrial performance requirements- ideal for large-scale network demands. The proprietary Bluetooth mesh automatically optimizes data flow among all devices eliminating dropped data and bottlenecks.
  • It's secured using AES-CCM with 128-bit keys, ensuring all messages have multi-level encryption and authentication. Content is secured with a separate encryption key to provide true, end-to-end security.

Join Our Pilot.

Learn more about what the MiraLogic™ WIS can do for your enterprise. Connect with us today to learn more about our revolutionary Workspace Intelligence System and how your organization can be a part of our exclusive pilot program.