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Anti-shatter and scratch-resistant screen protection by design.

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Comparison of Scratch Resistant Screens

So Tough, They’re Rated 9H for Scratch-Resistant Screens

Made from Japanese Asahi glass, these screen protectors land at 9H (out of 10) on the Mohs' scale of mineral hardness, a scientific measure of scratch resistance. For reference, diamonds are rated 10! Your screen will better survive everyday knocks since the glass screen is durable enough to withstand a three-point bending test. And even if the screen does break, thanks to its thin coating of anti-shatter film there won’t be any clean up.

Keep Your Touchscreen Clean

Nanotechnology processing is used to apply a thin oleophobic coating to the Asahi glass so that our screen protectors resist dirt and the natural oils in our skin. Fingerprints, dust, and dirt will easily wipe away.

clear view screen protector

A Clear View

These screen protectors boast exceptional viewing clarity so that you’ll still get a clear view. And since it’s Asahi glass, you won’t get the dreaded rainbow effect when it’s installed on your device.

bubble free tempered glass screen protector

Easy On, Easy Off

With bubble-free application and easy installation, these Tempered Glass Screen Protectors deliver the clarity and touch responsiveness you expect from your touchscreen. They’re quick and easy to remove, and won’t leave residue on your device.

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We support multiple tablet brands and generations, from iPhone® to iPad® to Microsoft Surface™ Pro. Shop our Tempered Glass Screen Protectors at Targus.com, and get free shipping on orders more than $35. You can also use our Where to Buy tool to find them at a retailer near you, or at business resellers and Amazon.com