Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro® 16-inch (2019)*

Pop On, Pull Off Privacy
Model Number: ASM16MBP9GL

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Protect the confidential data on your laptop’s screen from passersby with a privacy screen that attaches to your display with magnets.
  • No adhesives necessary
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Anti-reflective coating reduces screen glare
  • Filters blue light, minimizing eye strain
  • 60° viewing angle
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Want to get some work done at your favorite café or while stuck in an airplane seat, but don’t want your neighbors to see what you’re looking at? They’ll just see a dark screen with the Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro® 16-inch (2019). Since it adheres to your display with magnets, there’s no residue left on your display, and it’s easy to attach and remove as you see fit.

The privacy screen has a viewing angle of 30° to each side so that onlookers will see only a dark screen as they pass by. Anti-glare screen coating and blue light filtering help to reduce eye strain. This portable privacy screen protects valuable information at the office and on the go.

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