4Vu™ Privacy Screen for Microsoft Surface™ Book 3/2/1 13.5", Landscape*

The Clear Choice to Protect Your Visual Privacy
Model Number: AST029USZ

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The Targus 4Vu™ Privacy Screen for Microsoft Surface™ Book 3, Book 2, and Book 13.5”, Landscape reduces the viewing angle on your laptop screen, safeguarding sensitive data from prying eyes in the office or in public.

  • Over 12% brighter than competitive solutions for greater clarity and visibility
  • Glossy or matte sides to suit your viewing preferences
  • Reusable silicon adhesive strips for quick and easy installation
  • Protects private information with constrained viewing angles to 30° from either side
  • Filters blue light, minimizing eye strain
  • Blocks screen glare for a comfortable viewing experience
  • Die-cut is 309.3 x 217.2mm 
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Whether you’ve got a co-worker that’s too close for comfort, a workstation located in a busy area, or often work in public places like cafes or airports, you’re probably concerned about visual privacy and guarding the information on your laptop screen. There’s a simple yet effective solution: the Targus 4Vu™ Privacy Screen for Microsoft Surface™ Book 3, Book 2, and Book 13.5”, Landscape.

Designed to attach to your laptop display and shield your data from casual viewers when held in landscape mode, the 4Vu Privacy Screen offers an opaque view of your screen to anyone not directly in front of your display or closer than 30° to either side. So you can view, read, or type with confidence, even in a crowded room.

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