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Create a workstation that allows you to utilize dual 4K monitors. Our USB-C Universal DV4K docking station with Power extends the peripherals of your laptop, while adding incredible functionality and charging for most USB-C laptops up to 60 watts. Use one connector to connect all your devices in a space-saving docking station with power, so you can seamlessly work between projects.

Adding a compact docking station to your workspace allows you to take full advantage of your devices to help increase your work productivity in the long run. One connection for all your devices—buy universal docking stations and more tech accessories at Targus now. For added protection, head over to our collection of laptop bags to see which backpack or case is best for your devices.

dual display

Dual Display

Boost productivity by adding up to two monitors to your workstation. With two, or even three displays (if you include your laptop screen), connected to your docking station, it's faster and easier to switch between your spreadsheet and email or compare documents side-by-side.

Supports Dual DisplayPort™ and HDMI Monitors

The USB-C™ Universal DV4K Docking Station with Power is Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible, but that’s only the beginning. Enjoy two DisplayPort™ or two HDMI ports (or a mix of the two) with your dual-display and create a picture-perfect image at 4K Ultra HD. Compare photos, documents, spreadsheets for work, or browse email with ease from screen to screen. Enjoy unbeatable compatibility all in one place using a single docking station with power.

Supports Dual DisplayPort™ and HDMI Monitors
Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Your workstation doesn’t need to take up space. A creative design provides a minimalist approach, including raised grooves on top of the docking station to create a non-slip surface for setting your laptop on. Utilize the space of your workstation fully while delivering passive cooling as you angle your device for easy typing — perfect for smaller work desks.

All About the Ports

Four USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports make it simple to add the latest keyboards, exterior drives, and other peripherals to customize the workspace experience. The dock also includes a fast-charging port for charging your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

All About the Ports
What’s in the Box

What’s in the Box

  1. 1M USB-C Male to USB-C Male Cable with USB-A Tether (part# ACC1126GLX)
  2. AC Cable Cord, 3pins, 1.8M, Black (part #511-0309-001B)
  3. DOCK
  4. Adapter, AC to DC, 19.5V, 6.15A (part #800-0397-102A)

Enterprise Software Suite: A Targus Exclusive

Enhance security and improve user experience with the Targus Enterprise Software Suite for DOCK180USZ. 

  • Wi-Fi Auto Switch: auto enables/disables Wi-Fi functionality when the dock’s Ethernet connection is active, reducing unnecessary network traffic and enabling faster connection speeds. 
  • MAC Address Cloning: auto replaces the MAC address of the connected Targus Ethernet network adapter with any (Wired Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth) MAC address of the local host, supporting device-based authentication methods. 
  • Ghost Device Removal: purges older, latent Targus docking station devices from the local registry preventing registry bloat.
  • Targus A/V Configuration Utility: restores audio configuration, icon, and first-level application window’s positions to external monitors when re-connecting to a previously used Targus docking station.

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Enterprise Software Suite: A Targus Exclusive
Easy Script Generator

Easy Script Generator

Save time and money deploying Targus Docking Station Utilities. This utility provides IT Administrators with an intuitive GUI for selecting any or all the utilities and their associated options.

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