Hand Strap for SafePort® Rugged Tablet Case

For a Firm Grip
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The SafePort® Rugged Hand Strap Replacement easily attaches to your tablet case and facilitates one-handed tablet use.

  • Hand strap attaches to tablet case’s sliding handle
  • Easily detachable with clips underneath
  • Snaps securely in place
  • Soft neoprene material
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Compatible with SafePort® Rugged tablet cases THD135GLZ and THD136GLZ, the Hand Strap fits onto the case’s integrated sliding stand. Just press the clips underneath to remove the hand strap. Once you’re ready to attach it, snap it into place on both sides of the handle. When it is snapped in place, the soft neoprene strap facilitates one-handed use of the tablet whether you’re at a job site, in the field, or just want to multi-task. 

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